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Software Engineer

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Engineers on the team today:

  • Work primarily in TypeScript
  • Ship UIs in React, Tailwind + Next.js
  • Focus on features that drive a world class execution process for solar installation, roof replacements, and HVAC repairs:
    • How can we automate what is typically a very complicated and lengthy process while keeping all stakeholders in the loop in regards to progress
    • Bring best in class technology to an industry that is in desperate need of innovation
  • Are left to autonomously figure out the solutions to their challenges
  • Value clear, frequent communication (we do our best to be thoughtful with everything we do)
  • Enjoy being a generalist and are not tied down to a specific programming language or surface area of our codebase
  • Are naturally curious and willing to take a step to learn something they don’t have experience in
  • Feel a great sense of accountability to their teammates

Skills & Experience

  • 4+ years of working full-time as a software engineer
  • A fundamental understanding of:
    • The DOM and it’s basic APIs
    • How to use Chrome Developer Tools to debug applications, profile, and monitor network performance
    • Commonly used frontend data flow patterns (Redux, Hooks, Recoil, Relay, Mobx, React-Query, etc)
    • CSS - Box Model, Flexbox, Grid, and responsive design
    • Git - Branching, merging, reverting, and other common commands to collaborate with a team
  • Design conscious - While you’ll build the interface collaborating with design help, we expect you to have a deep interest in creating highly polished and delightful UX. If you feel something is off, you should be able to flag it or better yet suggest and implement a fix autonomously.

Here are examples of things we’ve worked on:

  • A custom portal that customers and our teams can log into to manage and drive forward quality on projects we execute on
  • Quoting technology that uses machine learning to discover the outline of roofing areas + give crucial data to our systems to provide accurate quotes
  • Mobile applications for salespeople/crews to communicate with us in the field and execute checklists that we provide for quality control