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Response Informatics

Machine Learning Engineer

germany / Posted

  • University degree in IT or relevant discipline, combined with minimum 14 years of relevant working experience in IT;
  • Experience building production-grade AI/ML/NLP solutions, including fine-tuning open-source models and software solutions;
  • Very good knowledge of Python development, including ability to use frameworks and libraries for AI, machine learning, natural language processing;
  • Knowledge and ability to create solutions based on modern machine learning architectures, such as transformer models, recommendation systems;
  • Knowledge and ability to use and adapt open-source software solutions and AI models, including specialised libraries and APIs (e.g., huggingface transformers);
  • Ability to deploy the AI solutions built in operation environments, including awareness of best practices for deployment and automation, e.g., git, DevOps, containers, CI/CD;
  • Excellent command of the English language.