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I am Remmelt Bossema, the founder of RiskShare, a groundbreaking insurtech startup poised to reshape the landscape of insurance. We are looking for a born entrepreneur who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of visionaries like Travis Kalanick (Uber) and Brian Chesky (Airbnb). Together, we can propel RiskShare to heights previously unseen in the insurtech realm.

RiskShare is not just another startup; it is destined to become a UNICORN within a mere 5 years from now! Imagine being part of a journey that transcends industry norms, redefines the concept of risk sharing, and catapults us to a market value of 1 billion euros. This isn't just a venture; it's a revolution waiting to happen.

With an initial investment of 10 million euros in seed capital or convertible loan(s), RiskShare is set to revolutionize the market with the world's first and only true p2p risk sharing platform. Our strategy is simple yet powerful – emphasizing organic growth, high profitability, and eliminating the specter of loss and insolvency through secure p2p risk bearing.

We invite you to join us in this exhilarating venture, where the power of ideas meets the potential to impact the world. RiskShare is a phenomenon waiting to be unleashed. Together, let's not only surpass the success of Uber and Airbnb but redefine the very essence of success in the insurtech universe.

Seize the opportunity, embrace the challenge, and let's make RiskShare the UNICORN that disrupts and dominates the insurtech world within the next 5 years. The stage is set, and the time is now!


RiskShare is the world's first and only true peer-to-peer risk sharing platform. On this platform, participants only pay for each other's claims without the intervention of an insurer or reinsurer, resulting in average savings of ±30% in costs, ±20% in taxes, and ±10% in profits. As a result, risk sharing payments worldwide are at least 60% lower than premiums for traditional insurance. Participants pay only a periodic variable amount. No payments and refunds before and after. RiskShare means, 'the sharing of claims paid per day, by the new and renewing participants on that day'. RiskShare is an online network of participants and thus has no expensive buildings, directors, or staff, resulting in a lack of bureaucracy. RiskShare offers coverage for death, disability, accidents, healthcare, travel, liability, legal aid, damage or loss to car, house and contents.

RiskShare taglines: "Risk ends where RiskShare begins". "Caring connects us All". "A Circle of care that never Ends". "Where care knows no Limits". "You're never alone with RiskShare", "We all take care of You - You all take care of Me".


The premium volume in the insurance industry amounts yearly to no less than 7000 billion euros worldwide. Many times larger than the cab industry 200 billion and the hotel industry 1000 billion in which Uber and Airbnb disruptively excel. This makes it remarkable that disruption has so far remained absent from the insurance sector. However, there is now 'RiskShare'. A P2P risk sharing platform with mutually agreed terms and at least 60% lower premiums advised and managed by independent advisors. Every person and every family all over the world needs protection from financial risk. RiskShare puts P2P risk sharing at your fingertips anywhere in the world with nothing more than smartphone and internet. RiskShare will become bigger, more agile and more profitable than Uber and Airbnb with the right man or woman at the top.


  • Local riskshare advisors, anywhere in the world, working together in local franchise partnerships, advise the local public on p2p risk sharing and offer them participation after taking out a daily cancellable advisory and management subscription. You can change advisors at any time.

  • After taking out the subscription, the participants/members/clients or what name you prefer, can daily close, pay, claim and cancel the desired risk sharing schemes all by themselves in just minutes.

  • The periodic revolving risk sharing payments are variable and are for each specific risk scheme automatically recalculated daily to cover the claims paid on that day in that scheme. There is no human involved.

  • The advisors submit claims from their clients to a local damage expert, who is automatically and randomly designated by the platform. The expert's fees are borne by the advisor and paid in advance, regardless of whether payouts follow. All this avoids conflicts of interest.

  • Each local franchise partnership, conduct client surveys on preferences for risk sharing schemes. If desired by the majority of the clients, these are recorded in it's smart contract. In this way, clients determine the risk sharing terms and payments all by themselves. Restrictive or generous terms lead to fewer or more claims and therefore lower or higher risk sharing payments.

  • The cornerstone of p2p risk sharing is risk spreading across participants, places, and time rather than a central entity such as an insurer. The networks of risk sharing participants as risk carriers, have no legal status and risk sharing is not a product. So regulations and licenses do not apply. 

  • The advisors pay a platform fee per client for the risk sharing technology and for the collection of their subscriptions. The advisors are the first and only point of contact and thus client responsible.

  • The advisors share the ownership of their local franchise partnership and are jointly and individually responsible for its success. The partnerships sets the requirements and conditions for the entry of new advisors and experts and the forced exit of non-performing advisors and experts.


  • Billions of people worldwide want to switch to more than 60% lower premiums

  • Millions of advisors worldwide want a fixed income of up to €90,000 a year

  • Participants can also become advisors, creating an endless cycle of growth

  • RiskShare is a decentralized ecosystem of holacracy, so without bureaucracy

  • RiskShare Networks are entities without legal status, so no regulations apply

  • RiskShare is the first and only without any competition ready to change the world


  1. Attracting an entrepreneur / co-founder / ceo along the lines of Travis Kalanick (Uber) or Brian Chesky (Airbnb)
  2. Raising initial funding
  3. Recruiting a small commercial and technical staff
  4. Collaboration with (Deloitte) Advisors
  5. Collaboration with (Sedgwick) Experts
  6. Programming the desired risk sharing schemes
  7. Promotional actions
  8. Global launch Q4 2024