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Do you want an opportunity to take back control of your career, earn more for yourself or take on a new challenge that can have a positive impact on the economy?

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) can help you achieve this through their attractive business opportunity, allowing you to build your own ERA business consultancy providing services that are in high demand in today’s world.

We can help you to become a trusted independent advisor to the tens of thousands of companies delivering cost and process optimisation solutions to help them to improve their cash flow, through our internationally proven franchised business model.

Why ERA?

Since we started in 1992 we have helped thousands of people like you to build a successful cost management consultancy under the globally recognised Expense Reduction Analysts brand.

  • A proven methodology and systems for cost reduction
  • “No Savings – No Fee” business proposal
  • Lead Generation Support from day one
  • Low operating costs & high income potential
  • Operate your business from home or an office
  • Collaborate with a global network of 700+ ERA consultants

Why you?

Your knowledge and experience, whatever your career background, can be combined with our 10-step methodology for cost reduction to build your own ERA consultancy business under one of our franchise licenses, supporting clients to control their spend.

What do you need?

· At least 10 years of experience in any industry or sector, at a senior management or Director level.

· An entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to run their own successful business.

· You will need to be prepared to make an initial investment as this is a franchising opportunity.

If you are ready to take control of your future and have a desire to run your own business, then apply now to learn more about the opportunity with ERA.

Please note that when you submit your request for more information, your data will be stored and processed in Expense Reduction Analysts contact management software, so you may receive communications related to your inquiry. For complete details on how we handle your data, please refer to our "Privacy and Legal Policy" at