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Start your own consulting business with ERA, the world's leading cost management network. As an ERA Consultant, you'll enjoy entrepreneurial freedom supported by a proven business model, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched guidance. Join us and become a trusted advisor, driving enterprise value and expanding your earning potential.

About ERA Group:

Since 1992, ERA has been at the forefront of cost optimization and process improvement, helping clients turn insights into opportunities. With diverse global teams and a commitment to transparency and trust, ERA is the resource modern leaders need to navigate new horizons and seize opportunities.

Why Choose ERA?

ERA empowers professionals to break free from corporate constraints and succeed in cost management consultancy. Benefit from comprehensive training, cutting-edge technology, award-winning marketing support, networking events, local support, and in-field mentoring.

Benefits of an ERA Consultancy:

ERA offers a compelling opportunity with a proven success track record, a lucrative business model, a global network, low operating costs, residual income, comprehensive support, client-centric focus, and entrepreneurial freedom.

Your Experience and Skillset:

ERA welcomes individuals with strong client management or analytical skills, excellent communication, an entrepreneurial spirit, client-centric focus, a collaborative mindset, adaptability, and at least 10 years of senior management or director-level experience.

Enquire about joining ERA today and unlock your full potential in the dynamic world of cost management consultancy. Please review our "Privacy and Legal Policy" for details on how we handle your data: