9. Fight Off Loneliness

9. Fight Off Loneliness

Last but not least, make sure you have regular times to check in with your boss and coworkers to keep you from feeling isolated.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to embrace life as a remote worker.

  1. Use video conferencing tools to have regular meetings and catch-ups with colleagues. This can help you feel more connected and involved in the team, even when you're not physically in the same place.
  2. Take breaks to chat with coworkers. Set aside time to have casual conversations with your colleagues, whether it's over the phone, via video chat, or through messaging apps.
  3. Participate in virtual team-building activities. Many companies offer virtual team-building activities or events that can help you get to know your colleagues better and feel more connected to the team.
  4. Make time for social activities outside of work. Set up virtual hangouts with friends and family, or join online communities or groups to meet new people and have social interactions outside of work.
  5. Get out of the house. While it's important to follow social distancing guidelines, it's also important to get some fresh air and change of scenery. Take a walk or visit a park to get some exercise and socialize with others at a safe distance.

This is the last of the 9 tips for remote working!!!

Hope this gives you an insight on remote work, working from home, if a remote job is for you - why you should/could/are thinking about working remotely.

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