7. Use a Task List

7. Use a Task List

A daily task list can keep you on track in lieu of a manager hanging over your head.

1. Task lists help you prioritize tasks so you can work efficiently and effectively.

2. Creating a task list helps you organize your time and resources to maximize productivity.

3. Task lists help you create a plan of action so you can progress in a logical and timely manner.

4. Task lists help you develop a timeline and goals to stay on track and reach your deadlines.

5. Task lists provide a visual representation of the tasks you need to complete, helping you stay focused on the tasks that need to be done.

6. Task lists allow you to break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks

etc... The list is long but lets focus on the key words:

TLDR  Version: Why? Because...

= Prioritize - Time & Resources - Productivity - action plan - logical - reach deadlines - break down large tasks

It does not need to be a fancy calendar, with 12 different color markings...

Think of it as a shopping list, otherwise there is no food on the table (yes  - pun intended)